Nate Gentzel

Director of Corporate Operations

Mr. Gentzel oversees the financial, contracts/legal, human resources, recruiting and IT departments of the company.

We are a team of professional and
talented people who share one philosophy: client empowerment.


We recognize that our services must enable our client’s success. Our philosophy is infused in everything we do. We empower our clients through a consistent project delivery process that ensures the client has the knowledge and direction to make decisions and act on those decisions. Our project teams listen and work to understand the client’s expectations, ensuring that our services serve the client’s needs. We always strive to deliver more than our customers ask as we refine organization strategy, enhance their capacity for change, streamline operations, and create lasting value for all the stakeholders of the organization, including customers, employees, and management. Our commitment to this philosophy is evident in the number of returning customers that recognize our capability and value. Our philosophy extends to our own staff of technologists, strategists, and consultants. The culture at Horizon encourages employee growth and acquisition of a spectrum of skills. Our clients benefit from these skills through the multi-disciplined teams we assemble for every project. Our project teams ensure the maximum value to our clients by incorporating diverse perspectives in delivery of services to our clients.

Horizon leadership


​Five principles form the basis for our corporate culture:

01. Focused commitment to our customers’ success


02. An orientation to our customers’ business objectives

03. Unquestionable honesty and integrity in every facet of our work, for all Horizon team members

04. A commitment to our employees, their work environment, their personal lives, and their careers

05. Support of charities and local communities

About Us

Shell Hulcher


Mr. Hulcher has over 25 years of experience developing business and leading IT programs. Mr. Hulcher leads the business unit delivering BPM solutions. 


Sunil Shamlal

Mr. Shamlal’s experience extends over 20 years in various aspects of IT consulting. He holds a Civil Engineering degree as well as an MBA from American University.